Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes: the most effective active ingredients

What are the different types of dark circles?

The term "dark circles" covers all pathologies affecting the lower eye contour area. But what are they?

Let's take a look at the different types of dark circles, and the active ingredients that can be used to treat or prevent them.

Blue or violet under-eye circles

Blue or purplish dark circles are the most common. They can appear as early as childhood or adolescence, as long as they are not a sign of aging.

What causes blue circles?

The presence of blue circles under the eyes is explained by the relative transparency of the skin around the lower eyelids. The skin around the eyes is 5 times thinner than on the rest of the body. A healthy lifestyle helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. A good night's sleep helps to "heal" our body's vascularization.

Brown or brown pigmented circles

Pigmented dark circles are caused by melanin spots under the skin. Brown circles tend to appear more often in patients with matte skin.

Remedies to correct dark circles :

Since dark circles are caused by the presence of melanin, it is advisable to apply SPF50+ to the face when exposed to the sun. This can limit the development of dark circles when exposed to UV rays. True correction of pigmented dark circles can only be performed by a dermatologist.

Hollow circles

Hollow circles are caused by fat and muscle loss. Unlike blue circles and pigmented circles, hollow circles are directly caused by the effects of aging on facial tissues.

How can hollow circles be treated?

Only aesthetic medicine can truly treat this type of dark circle with a natural result. Injecting a filler such as hyaluronic acid effectively fills the volume deficit in dark circles.

Full dark circles: "bags under the eyes"

To protect it, the eye is embedded in a fatty pocket: the periorbital fat. With age, this fatty mass can melt away, but it can also shift as a result of sagging tissues.

What about morning bags under the eyes?

Dark circles should not be confused with the puffy bags you see in the morning. The latter are caused by lying down at night. During the night, water is distributed throughout the body.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes?

While there is no miracle cure for the fatty bags that form under the eyes with age, their appearance can be limited by a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, and regular exercise all contribute to the proper aging of tissues that are particularly sensitive to external aggressors.

Reference active ingredients for the eye contour area


A popular ingredient, caffeine is prized in skincare products for its vasoconstrictive properties. Its ability to constrict blood vessels and reduce fluid accumulation makes it an ideal ally for reducing the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main constituents of the dermis and epidermis. A hydrophilic biomolecule, its role is to capture and retain water to ensure skin hydration. When applied to the eye contour area, it smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Vitamin C:

A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C lightens under-eye pigmentation. It also stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity and reducing the signs of aging.


Derived from vitamin A, retinol stimulates cell regeneration. It helps minimize the appearance of dark circles by promoting cell renewal and stimulating collagen production.

Chamomile extract:

Chamomile has soothing anti-inflammatory properties. Applying chamomile extract helps reduce under-eye puffiness by reducing inflammation and calming sensitive skin.


Arnica is known for its anti-ecchymotic properties. Applied topically, it can help reduce dark circles by diminishing the appearance of dilated blood vessels.

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are not inevitable. Opting for skincare products combining the right active ingredients can help significantly improve their appearance.


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