Glycerin is a colorless, viscous and odorless liquid, formed during the chemical reaction known as "saponification", which is at the origin of soap production. Whether of plant, animal or synthetic origin, it is found in many skin care products for its humectant, emollient, emulsifying and healing properties.

Able to retain several times its weight in water, glycerine maintains skin and hair hydration and reinforces the hydrolipidic film that maintains hydration by stemming water loss.

Beyond its moisturizing properties, it also has repairing and soothing virtues, as it promotes lipid production and repairs the skin when it is damaged. Its emollient properties promote skin elasticity and suppleness.
Finally, glycerine acts on collagen production, accelerating wound healing.

Glycerin is water-soluble, which means it dissolves in water, making it the emulsifier of choice for skincare formulas containing water.