Marie Peloille, a story of gestures

Marie Peloille is a facialist. After more than 5 years as a Massage Therapist in the world of luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Paris, Marie pursued her career with the Oh My Cream company for 7 years.

Today, an expert in the art of ageing well, she devotes 100% of her time to her profession as a facialist, following various training courses in facial massage techniques.

What is your relationship with your skin?

My skin is both my work tool and the showcase of my expertise. I take particular care of it to anticipate the signs of aging. In addition to my practice of self-massage, I treat myself to treatments by other facialists. While this keeps me open-minded and curious about my practice, they are above all moments of pleasure that I have always allowed myself to take care of my face and body.

I am my own guinea pig for the treatments I offer my customers. That's why I'm so demanding when it comes to the products I use. I look for transparency: clean, safe, eco-responsible products.

As a facialist, what are your key daily gestures?

I dedicate one minute a day to lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins, oxygenates tissues and restores radiance to the complexion. To do this, I use a guasha, gently applied flat against the skin.

I systematically finish the application of my cream by massaging the neck. I place my hands under the ears and work down to the collarbone, where the lymph node chain ends.

I also use Jacquet pinches on a daily basis. When dry, these extremely rapid pinches on the cheekbones work the muscle, improve oxygenation and accelerate microcirculation. Simply pinch the skin between thumb and forefinger.

What's the essential gesture for beautiful skin ?

In my opinion, the most important thing you can do is to cleanse your face properly every night before going to bed. Not only is it the basis for healthy, radiant skin, it's also the first step in anti-ageing. I recommend double cleansing: first, use an only body wash to massage in, before adding a little water to turn it into a milk. Then, rinse and apply a cleanser to slightly damp skin to remove any remaining imperfections, and rinse well.

What's your skincare routine?

In the evening, I opt for double cleansing with a cleansing oil followed by a cleansing gel. Then I apply a hyaluronic acid and rose essence for its moisturizing properties, and an oily serum to tighten pores. I don't forget PERS Eye Cream, which I apply morning and night to the eye contour area. I love the applicator, which adds a very pleasant touch of freshness.

In the morning, I start with a hydrolat, followed by the eye contour cream and the PERS Vitamin C 10% serum. I also apply a cream based on bakuchiol, a natural and less sensitizing version of retinol, before finishing with the application of SPF 50.

How do you approach the idea of a skincare routine?

I believe in the importance of finding the right balance for your routine, and respecting seasonality. You mustn't over-stimulate your skin. There are times to boost it with active ingredients like retinol or vitamin C, and times to pamper it.

What's the best advice we've given you for your skin?

Rinse your face with fresh water. As well as waking you up, cool water has a number of benefits, such as promoting vasoconstriction and firming. It's a gesture passed on to me by my mom, who worked in a chemist's and was always full of good tips. Seeing her splash cool water on her face every morning has stayed with me.

What would you like to pass on?

Make my family and friends aware of the need to apply sun protection on a daily basis. UV rays are largely responsible for premature aging of the skin, so prevention is better than cure! Beyond the signs of ageing and spots, there's a real risk of developing skin diseases.