What's the minimum effective skincare routine?

What constitutes an effective, minimal care routine? This question is the starting point of the PERS protocol.

We have identified the four daily actions required to give skin what it needs at the right time of day.


Repeated every day, these four actions restore the skin's natural, virtuous cycle and protect its integrity.

Above all, PERS offers a 4-step protocol for classifying your skincare products. The routine we suggest can be adapted according to the skincare products you already own:


Morning :

PROTECT skin from oxidative stress and UV rays.

  • with antioxidant active ingredients, such as vitamin C
  • with sun protection factor 50

PERS protective combo: Vitamin C Serum + SPF 50+ Care

Any time of day:

EMBELLISH the skin with active ingredients that give the complexion a boost and provide an instant healthy-glow effect(caffeine, vitamin C).

PERS Healthy Glow Balm

In the evening:

REPAIR skin from the aggressions of the day

Riche PERS cream to REPAIR skin

Alternate with STIMULATING skin care to stimulate cell renewal

  • retinol, which stimulates collagen and elastin production and refines skin texture.

RÉTINOL serum to stimulate skin cell renewal